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After Honda, KYMCO launches its adventurous scooter, the DT X360


KYMCO launched its first adventurous scooter, the DT X360, a model that arrives with sporty and aggressive design, two-tone paint and a typical “tip” for adventurous motorcycles.

After Honda’s pioneering spirit, which started the adventurous scooter category with the X-ADV in 2017 and, more recently, with the ADV 150, the Taiwanese brand did not want to be left out.

Thinking of the public that not only thinks of a scooter for urban use, but also that one that occasionally takes a dirt road, the brand brings the DT X360, considered an adventurous MaxiScooter crossover.

2021 kymco dt x360 adventurous scooter

KYMCO DT X360 features the vertical proportions and the front fender (“nozzle”) that characterize the spirit of a ‘dual sport’ bike, the ‘crossovers’.

It has wider handlebars for easy steering on uneven pavement and a higher seating position that improves the pilot’s visibility.

Aluminum wheels and mixed-use tires further increase your ability to ride on uneven surfaces.

2021 kymco dt x360 adventurous scooter

Despite the adventurous appeal and the tires, the model does not have long-haul suspensions, nor a great clearance from the ground.

The KYMCO DT X360 comes standard with a Keyless starter system, traction control system, fully digital color LCD panel, Full-LED lighting and space under the seat for two integral helmets.

Despite the name ‘X360’, it has a 320.6 cm³ single cylinder engine with liquid cooling, capable of generating up to 28.4 HP of maximum power and 3.1 kgfm / 30Nm of torque. The gearbox is of the CVT type and the fuel tank capacity is 12.5 liters.

2021 kymco dt x360 adventurous scooter

The tires have the following measures: 120 / 80-14 at the front and 150 / 70-13 at the rear.

Anyway, if we consider the category of scooter adventure, the KYMCO DT X360 arrives to be a middle ground, and stays between the Honda ADV 150 (150 cc) and Honda X-ADV (750 cc). If we consider scooters focused on urban use and on the road, it will fight with Honda Forza 350 and Yamaha XMax 300, among others.

2021 kymco dt x360 adventurous scooter
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