Bajaj Opens Motorcycle Factory in Brazil, its 1st Outside India


Bajaj opened its motorcycle factory in Brazil, located in the city of Manaus, capital of Amazonas, an important Brazilian industrial hub, bringing all Indian technology to one of the most important motorcycle markets in the world.

This is, therefore, the Indian giant’s first production unit outside India, and operates under the CKD (Completely Knock Down) model, that is, the parts are brought disassembled to Brazil and assembled in the new factory.

The first motorcycle produced in the new plant was the Dominar 400, the brand’s sales leader in Brazil, and vice-leader of its ‘Naked / Roadster’ category, second only to the Yamaha MT-03, according to the Fenabrave, the Brazilian National Federation of Motor Vehicles.

According to the brand, there are already more than 150 people working in the new unit, including direct and indirect employees, with gradual growth expected in line with production growth.

bajaj factory brazil

Speaking of production, Bajaj says the goal is to produce 1,500 units per month starting in July, totaling around 9,000 units in 2024. For 2025, with the factory operating at full capacity, the goal is to reach 20,000 units produced.

“The opening of this factory is a great joy for everyone at Bajaj Auto Limited and represents the realization of our strategy, which has always been based on a long-term vision for the Brazilian market due to its size and complexity. Our teams in Brazil and India have worked in total synergy to understand the local consumer and develop products that increasingly meet their demands”, says Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director of Bajaj Auto Limited.

“The entire Bajaj do Brasil team is very proud to contribute to this new moment for the brand in the country. We started our operation in December 2022 and see that today, just 18 months later, we already have 21 dealerships, we sell more than 7,500 motorcycles and we are inaugurating our factory, it is a huge achievement and a great indication that we are on the right path. We are very grateful to Bajaj Auto Limited for all their support, to our network of dealers and partners for the focus and dedication that is so fundamental to the construction. of our history and, mainly, to Brazilian motorcyclists for their trust in our brand and our products”, declares Waldyr Ferreira, Managing Director of Bajaj do Brasil.

bajaj factory brazil

“With our factory in operation and the network expanding at a rapid pace, we will direct our focus to expanding the line of Bajaj products available in Brazil, seeking to meet the different profiles and types of motorcycle use by Brazilian motorcyclists from all regions”, adds Waldyr.

source: MotoNews Brasil

photos: Bajaj


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