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Bajaj launches world’s first motorcycle powered by natural gas and gasoline


Bajaj, a motorcycle and three-wheeler Indian giant, has just launched the world’s first motorcycle powered by natural gas (CNG) and gasoline.

Called Freedom NG04, it arrives to change the low displacement category, with technologies worthy of larger and more expensive motorcycles.

The highlight of the model, of course, is its 125cc engine developed and optimized to run on natural gas (CNG), in addition to also running on gasoline. On gas, the model reaches 90.5 km/h top speed. On gasoline, it can reach 93.4 km/h.

A CNG cylinder was installed under the seat and in the space where the gas tank is usually located. It has a capacity of 12.5 liters of gas or 2 kg, and allows for a range of 200 km.

bajaj freedom ng04

In addition, there is a small tank for gasoline, with a capacity of 2 liters, which allows you to ride another 130 km, but it must be used as a reserve, that is, if you run out of gas, switch to gasoline until you find a CNG station.

To allow the installation of the cylinder and make the model safer, a steel trellis frame was developed, completely exposed. In fact, the bike has very little fairing, leaving almost everything exposed. Furthermore, the rear suspension is monolink type, a differentiator in its category.

Other highlights of the model: 16″ rear wheel with 120/70 tire, front disc brake, wide handlebars, fully digital dashboard with Bluetooth connection, and LED headlights.

bajaj freedom ng04

There is a simpler entry-level version, with drum brakes on both wheels, and a partially digital dashboard, without Bluetooth connection.

Anyway, the Bajaj Freedom NG04 is sold in India with prices starting at INR 110,000 (approximately US$1,317). There is no forecast for sale in other countries.

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