honda striemo micromobility 3-wheel electric scooter

Honda develops 3-wheel electric scooter for micromobility

Honda has announced that it is developing a 3-wheel electric scooter for micromobility through a new company created for this ...
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zoomo one

Zoomo reveals fully-functional prototype of its ‘moped killer’, the Zoomo One

Zoomo, the world leader for electric last-mile delivery vehicles, has today revealed the prototype of the Zoomo One, its highest ...
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tromox ukko s electric motorcycle

Tromox Ukko S: electric bike with aluminum frame and award-winning design

Tromox has launched the Ukko S, its 'premium' electric motorcycle that arrives with superior specs and award-winning design in Europe, ...
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triumph electric motorcycle prototype

Triumph’s electric motorcycle project completes final testing phase

Triumph has announced that its TE-1 electric motorcycle project has completed the final testing phase (phase 4), called the 'live ...
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energica experia

Energica launches Experia in Europe: adventurous crossover electric bike with up to 420 km of autonomy

Energica Motor has launched the Experia in Europe, its new electric adventurous crossover motorcycle, which arrives ready for you to ...
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yamaha e01 electric scooter

Yamaha releases details and specifications of its E01 electric scooter

Yamaha has released details of its E01 electric scooter, a model with a size and power equivalent to the NMax ...
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livewire del mar

LiveWire S2 Del Mar is announced: electric motorcycle inspired by flat-track models

LiveWire, Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle brand, announced in the United States the launch of the S2 Del Mar, its most 'affordable' ...
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ducati motoe

Ducati releases video and images of its electric motorcycle for MotoE in action

Ducati has released a video with the first images of its electric motorcycle for MotoE in action. Available on YouTube ...
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kabira km3000 and km4000

Kabira Mobility begins delivery of its KM3000 and KM4000 electric motorcycles

Kabira Mobility, manufacturer of India's fastest electric bike, has began nationwide deliveries os its long awaited electric bikes KM3000 and KM4000, from ...
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Gogoro is listed as a publicly traded company on Nasdaq

Gogoro Inc., a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems, became a publicly listed company trading on the Nasdaq Global ...
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