ducati motoe

Ducati presents electric motorcycle that will be used in the 2023 MotoE Championship

The Vallelunga circuit outside Rome played host to the official presentation of the 2023 MotoE World Championship, an electric motorbike ...
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energica experia

Energica’s Cutting-Edge Electric Motorcycle Takes on Global Market with Launch in Japan, Australia, and Pakistan

The renowned Energica Motor Company, known for producing the world's top high-performance electric motorcycles, has made a significant announcement regarding ...
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aventose s110

New rugged electric scooter with motorcycle-inspired design launches at incredibly affordable price

Aventose Energy is working on creating a collection of four rugged electric motorcycles and scooters, featuring a versatile platform and ...
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2023 chetak premium electric scooter

Bajaj revolutionizes the electric market with its affordable 2023 Chetak Premium scooter

Bajaj, a leading Indian manufacturer, is making a bold move to solidify its position in the growing electric vehicle market ...
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energica electric

Revving up for the Future: Energica Tapped by Global OEM to Power Up Electric Two-Wheel Off-Road Vehicles

Energica Motor Company, creator of the world's best high-performance electric motorcycle, is teaming up with a major global original equipment ...
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cfmoto electric scooter

CFMoto Reveals its Ace in the Hole: Futuristic Electric Scooter to Rival the Powerful BMW CE-04

Prepare yourself for an electrifying competition in the electric scooter realm! CFMoto is potentially gearing up for a major release ...
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zero sr-x

Revolutionary Design: Zero Motorcycles Unveils Cutting-Edge SR-X Electric Bike Concept

Zero Motorcycles has recently unveiled their latest innovation on two wheels: the SR-X electric motorcycle concept. This futuristic marvel, designed ...
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electric motorcycle concept

BMW x NVIDIA: designer creates electric motorcycle concept with computer parts

Aaryaman Mistry, an Indian designer, has created a concept for an electric motorcycle that uses computer parts at its core, ...
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yamaha neo's electric scooter

The importance of electric motorcycles in current and future cities

Electric motorcycles are an increasingly relevant subject in today's society. They have the ability to revolutionize the way people travel, ...
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ducati motoe production

Ducati starts production of electric motorcycle that will be used in the 2023 MotoE season

Ducati announced that it has started production of the electric sports motorcycle 'V21L', a model that will be used in ...
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