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2023 yamaha xforce

Yamaha launches XForce in Japan: 155cc scooter with biker-style handlebars

Yamaha launched in Japan the 2023 XForce, its 155cc scooter, which comes with a sporty design, robust in the front ...
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2023 bajaj pulsar n160

Bajaj Launches 2023 Pulsar N160 in India: New Engine and Dual Channel ABS

Bajaj has launched in India the All-New 2023 Pulsar N160, its 160cc 'streetfighter' motorcycle, which arrives with a new engine ...
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2023 honda giorno

2023 Honda Giorno 50cc scooter makes its return to Canada

Honda announced that the 2023 Giorno, its Legendary European-inspired 50cc scooter, is back in the Canadian miniMOTO line up. Finding ...
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2023 honda air blade

Honda presents 2023 Air Blade in Vietnam with eSP+ engine and new colors

Honda launched in Vietnam the new 2023 Air Blade, its sports scooter with 125cc and 160cc engines, which arrive with ...
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zoomo one

Zoomo reveals fully-functional prototype of its ‘moped killer’, the Zoomo One

Zoomo, the world leader for electric last-mile delivery vehicles, has today revealed the prototype of the Zoomo One, its highest ...
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tromox ukko s electric motorcycle

Tromox Ukko S: electric bike with aluminum frame and award-winning design

Tromox has launched the Ukko S, its 'premium' electric motorcycle that arrives with superior specs and award-winning design in Europe, ...
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motron nomad 125

Motron Nomad 125 is a ‘premium’ city bike competing with Yamaha MT-125

Motron, a brand of the Austrian group KSR, already sells the Nomad 125, its premium 125cc motorcycle, in Europe. It ...
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2022 sym drg scooter

SYM DRGBT 160: the futuristic sport scooter full of technology

SYM (Sanyang Motor) has launched the new DRGBT 160, its futuristic 160cc sports scooter, which arrives with an ultramodern design ...
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2023 tvs ntorq xt

TVS launches new 2023 NTorq 125 XT with more connectivity and technology

TVS Motor launched in India the 2023 NTorq 125 XT, its 125cc smart scooter, which arrives with more connectivity and ...
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2022 yamaha mt-15

Yamaha launches 2022 MT-15 with new colors and graphics in Thailand

Yamaha launched in Thailand the 2022 MT-15, its high performance 155cc motorcycle, which comes with new colors and graphics but ...
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