yamaha motorcycle stabilization system

Yamaha’s Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System Under Active Development

Yamaha is currently developing the Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System (AMSAS), an innovative technology that aims to enhance the stability ...
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yamaha nmax mandalorian

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with the Limited Edition Yamaha NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian

Yamaha has just launched in Brazil the long-awaited limited edition NMax Connected 160 ABS Mandalorian. This exciting scooter boasts a ...
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yamaha mt-09 sp

Yamaha Motor becomes the pioneer in adopting Green Aluminum for motorcycles

Yamaha Motor declared that it has inked a deal with an aluminum ingot provider to procure green aluminum. In February ...
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2023 yamaha r15m

2023 Yamaha R15M gets 2 riding modes and R1-inspired colored TFT panel

Yamaha launched in India the 2023 R15M, its 155 cc sports motorcycle, which arrives with 2 riding modes, LED turn ...
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2023 yamaha fz-x

2023 Yamaha FZ-X gets Traction Control, LED flashers and new color in India

Yamaha launched in India the 2023 FZ-X, its 150cc 'neo-retro crossover' bike, which arrives with TCS (Traction Control System), LED ...
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2023 yamaha fzs-fi version 4 deluxe

2023 Yamaha FZS-Fi V4 gets LED, Bluetooth and Traction Control in India

Yamaha launched in India the 2023 model of the FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe, its 150cc street motorcycle, which arrives with LED ...
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yamaha ténéré experience 2023

Yamaha launches the Ténéré Spirit Experience for 2023

Yamaha is introducing the exclusive new Ténéré Spirit Experience for 2023, in which Ténéré owners can join some of the ...
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2023 yamaha augur

2023 Yamaha AUGUR: the smart scooter of the future?

Yamaha launched the 2023 AUGUR in Taiwan, its 155cc scooter, which arrives with a distinctive design and next-generation technology to ...
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2023 yamaha tmax tech max

2023 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX gets new colors in Europe

Yamaha introduced in Europe the 2023 TMAX Tech MAX, its 560cc Sport Scooter, which arrives with new colors but maintains ...
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2023 yamaha tracer 9 gt+

2023 Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ arrives with state-of-the-art electronics

Yamaha has launched in Europe the 2023 TRACER 9 GT+, its most extreme high-displacement Sport Touring motorcycle, which comes with ...
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