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Yadea unveils Guanneng 3 electric scooter with long-lasting graphene battery


Yadea has launched its newest Guanneng 3 electric scooter, which represents a new generation of long-range intelligent electric vehicles, and features innovative long-life graphene battery technology.

“Featuring outstanding range and performance, the Guanneng 3 is an important addition to the comprehensive Yadea product suite and will play an integral part in the brand’s development moving forwards,” said Edward Vlutters, the Vice General Manager of Yadea Europe.

With the unveiling of the Guanneng 3, Yadea released details of key technology breakthroughs, including the world’s first TTFAR 3.0, with leading TTFAR intelligent driving electronic control core, temperature-sensing charger, gallium nitride charger, and TTFAR motor range extension system.

At the launch event, Yadea demonstrated the industry’s first TTFAR graphene 3rd generation batteries, with 30% more power than previous-generation lead-acid batteries, and TTFAR carbon fiber 2.0 lithium battery which utilizes carbon nano fiber material to improve energy density for more efficient conduction and a super large capacity.

Additionally, the company showed off four major system upgrades of the Yadea Smart Lamp for unparalleled nighttime illumination, TTFAR anti-skid tires, an expert self-balancing system ensuring the center of the gravity remains in the center of the vehicle, and smart unlock, enabling a safer and more convenient riding experience.

Yadea vehicles are also visually impressive, with the Guanneng 3 adhering to three concepts of youth, technology, and performance, presenting a clean and sharp aesthetic and featuring a new embedded logo co-designed by YANG DESIGN led by Forbes China’s most influential industrial designer Jamy Yang.

yadea guanneng 3

Since first launching in 2020, the Guanneng series has been a testament to the company’s commitment to quality excellence for both battery life and power. The internal R&D team of 1,000 strong lead the development of integrating automative-grade concepts, battery, charging, motor upgrades, and electronic control configuration, and are the first in the industry to use graphene in batteries.

The Guanneng series recorded sales of over 3 million throughout 2021, with a total of over 7 million in sales to date.

Moving forward, the company is committed to bringing the innovative and powerful Guanneng 3 to users all over the world and will be participating in the Euro Bike exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, in July.

Anyway, for more information, access https://www.yadea.com/.

photos: Yadea


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