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Veer: The Quiet Revolution of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) is on the Horizon


The electric vehicle industry is on the cusp of an exciting revolution, and at the forefront of this transformation is the innovative company Veer, based in San Francisco.

Veer is committed to changing the way we view and use Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), and they’re doing it with a touch of the spectacular!

Imagine bidding farewell to old-fashioned chain transmissions and gearboxes in favor of something more modern, efficient, and sustainable. Veer is determined to make this a reality, driven by their mission to combat climate change and accelerate the adoption of LEVs for local transportation.

One of Veer’s most thrilling innovations is the Shift Drive system, poised to redefine LEV efficiency. Made of carbon fiber, it eliminates the need for traditional chain systems, which can be costly and require constant maintenance.

With the Shift Drive, LEVs can smoothly and efficiently shift gears, crucial for maximizing motor performance at different speeds.

Many LEVs, such as eScooters and eMotorcycles, face performance challenges due to the lack of gear-shifting options. Veer’s Shift Drive system addresses this issue, allowing these vehicles to operate more efficiently, increasing range and performance.

veer shift drive light electric vehicle

Veer is also known for its recent partnership with the Dutch eBike brand, Phatfour, and the launch of product lines such as Super Belt and Xpert Drive. These moves underscore the company’s progressive trajectory and dedication to innovation in the LEV sector.

Sean Hacking, founder and CTO of Veer, summed up the company’s vision, stating, “The LEV industry is experiencing rapid growth and is ripe for new innovations. We are focused on providing a more reliable, cost-effective, and safer transmission system that aligns with our vision of a sustainable future.”

The benefits of Veer’s Shift Belt Drive system are numerous, from increased efficiency to reduced maintenance, enhanced durability, and smoother performance. Moreover, this system allows LEVs to use smaller motors and batteries, making these vehicles more accessible to the public.

photos: Veer


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