WorldSBK | Exciting Technical Changes in Store for 2024 Season and Beyond


The revving engines and screeching tires of the WorldSBK Superbike Championship are about to get a serious upgrade in 2024.

A high-profile meeting of the Superbike Commission, featuring key players like Gregorio Lavilla, Paul King, and Biense Bierma, recently unveiled some thrilling technical changes for the upcoming season.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

1. Fuel Flow Control: In a bid to embrace environmental guidelines and boost future machine development, a mandatory fuel flow control system will be implemented from 2025. But, in 2024, manufacturers will experiment with this concept as two bikes from each maker will feature a fuel flow meter, collecting vital data during practices and races. This paves the way for a greener and more competitive WorldSBK.

2. Fuel Tank Reduction: The size of the fuel tanks gets a trim in 2024, with a new maximum capacity set at 21.0 liters. This change will keep the competition tight and the strategies even more thrilling.

3. Combined Weight: The agreement between FIM, DWO, and MSMA in 2024 introduces a combined weight for rider and machine. It’s a new challenge that will surely spice up the races and showcase the athletes’ skills.

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4. RPM Limits: There’s a shift in how RPM limits are set. No longer will they be reduced during the season, except for FIM-DWO RPM reduction intervention in the case of superconcession overshooting. This change is sure to keep the engines roaring at their best.

5. Crankshaft and Balance Shaft: Modification is the name of the game. Manufacturers can now tweak the crankshaft and balance shaft weight by up to 20% from the homologated weight. This opens up possibilities for enhancing performance.

6. Checkpoints and Concession Tokens: The 2024 season introduces a more frequent review of checkpoints and concession tokens, measured every two events. It’s a step towards keeping the competition dynamic and fair.

7. Superconcession and Concession Parts: The approval process for superconcession parts has been streamlined. Outline approval now occurs a month prior to the event, with detailed approval just 14 days before the technical control day. This change eliminates the need to describe superconcession parts in the FIM SBK regulations.

These exciting changes are set to redefine the WorldSBK Championship, making it even more thrilling, competitive, and environmentally conscious.

Stay tuned for a formal meeting on October 28th during the final round of the Championship, where more technical and sporting points may be discussed.

photos: WorldSBK


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