Revolutionizing the Open Road: The Mach V Commander Motorcycle Helmet by Cardo Systems and 509


In the world of motorcycle enthusiasts, safety, communication, and innovation have converged in a groundbreaking way. Cardo Systems, a global leader in wireless communication systems for powersports, has joined forces with the renowned powersports apparel brand, 509, to introduce the Mach V Commander, a revolutionary motorcycle helmet that transcends convention.

The Mach V Commander is not your average motorcycle helmet. It’s a game-changer that brings state-of-the-art communication technology to the open road.

Imagine being seamlessly connected to up to 14 fellow riders, all within a range of one mile. This is the promise of the Mach V Commander, thanks to its fully integrated Cardo communications system with in-helmet audio and microphone. You can effortlessly manage calls, enjoy music, and converse with fellow riders while on the move.

One standout feature of the Mach V Commander is its industry-leading JBL sound quality and noise cancellation capabilities. This means you can communicate with exceptional clarity, even in the ever-changing environments of the open road. It’s a game-changer for group rides, enhancing safety and the overall riding experience.

Shachar Harari, VP of Business Development & OEM at Cardo Systems, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, saying, “As the vanguard of powersports communication, we’re thrilled to collaborate with 509 to help enhance motorcyclists’ safety and offer a fully integrated communication system to make the riding experience even better. This partnership delivers best-in-class communication coupled with the renowned craftsmanship that both our brands are known for.”

The Mach V Commander isn’t just about communication; it’s designed to offer superior protection and comfort. It features an impact-resistant visor, a controllable chase light, and advanced moisture control, all contributing to an enhanced riding experience.

mach v commander

Bill Hartlieb, Global Product Director at 509, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are elated to unveil the Mach V Commander helmet, featuring integrated Cardo Systems, to the vibrant street rider community. Through our collaboration with Cardo Systems, we created a product that authentically elevates connectivity, convenience, and safety on the road.”

The Mach V Commander helmet is a true leap forward in motorcycle helmet technology. It seamlessly connects riders, prioritizes safety, and ensures crystal-clear audio quality. This collaboration between Cardo Systems and 509 sets a new standard in helmet technology, redefining the future of motorcycle helmets.

Key Features of the Mach V Commander Helmet with Cardo Communication System:

  1. Group Communication: Stay connected with up to 14 fellow riders within a range of up to 1 mile through mesh connectivity or connect via Bluetooth for music, phone, or map capabilities.
  2. Superior Audio Quality: Crystal-clear sound with JBL speakers and PSI earmuff system for isolation, passive noise canceling, and custom fit.
  3. Voice Command and Hands-Free Operation: Effortless communication with voice commands for a seamless, intuitive experience.
  4. Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Impact-resistant visor, controllable chase light, Fidlock Magnetic Chinstrap, and excellent moisture control with the patent-pending Venturi Venting System.

The Mach V Commander Helmet with Cardo Communications System is available for purchase on Ride 509 and at authorized 509 retailers nationwide.

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