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Unveiling the All-New 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan: Adventure Redefined


The roar of engines and the thrill of adventure took center stage at Motoverse 2023 as Royal Enfield, the iconic motorcycle manufacturer, unveiled its latest masterpiece – the 2024 Himalayan.

Breaking new ground with a revamped design, advanced chassis, cutting-edge technologies, and the heart-pounding addition of a 450 cc liquid-cooled engine, this touring bike is set to redefine the adventure riding experience on roads around the globe.

Bold Design, Diverse Palette:

Revealed to the world at EICMA 2023, the all-new Himalayan boasts an adventurous design that mirrors the spirit of exploration. With three distinct versions – Base, Pass, and Summit – and a color palette inspired by the hues of the Himalayas, this motorcycle is a visual marvel.

2024 royal enfield himalayan 450

From the Kaza Brown of the Base version to the Hanle Black of the Summit, each color tells a story, inviting riders to embark on their own journey.

Power Meets Precision:

Beneath its striking exterior, the 2024 Himalayan packs a punch with the new 452cc Sherpa engine. This marks Royal Enfield’s first foray into liquid-cooled engines, offering riders more power, torque, and exceptional low-rpm performance.

Paired with a six-speed gearbox and ride-by-wire electronic throttle, the bike ensures optimized delivery, conquering challenging terrains with ease.

Technological Triumph:

2024 royal enfield himalayan 450

One of the standout features is the introduction of TripperDash – a full-round color TFT dashboard with GPS navigation powered by Google Maps. With over 30 genuine accessories exclusive to this model, the Himalayan caters to tech-savvy riders seeking an unparalleled off-road riding experience.

Mastering All Terrains:

The Himalayan is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a companion built to adapt seamlessly to various terrains. From winding roads to challenging off-road trails, its versatile combination of 21” front and 17” rear wheels, coupled with the large enduro pedals and wide handlebars, ensures riders feel in control on any surface.

Comfort Meets Control:

A motorcycle designed for comfort and control, the Himalayan features a slim seat and tank, enabling riders to firmly plant their feet on the ground.

The two-piece adjustable seat keeps both the driver and passenger comfortable, offering adaptability to different altitudes. The Showa USD front forks provides superior handling, stability, and balance.

Ride Your Way:

With ride-by-wire offering four distinct riding modes, riders can customize their experience based on the terrain and mood. Smooth fueling and enhanced fuel economy further add to the allure of the new Himalayan.

Safety at Every Turn:

Equipped with an LED headlight, a 17-liter fuel tank, and a switchable ABS braking system, the Himalayan prioritizes safety without compromising on the thrill of the ride. The ability to turn off ABS at the rear wheel allows riders to embrace a more adventurous style when needed.

In essence, the 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan is not just a motorcycle; it’s a paradigm shift in the adventure touring segment. With its blend of power, precision, and technological prowess, it raises the aspirations of the global motorcycling community.

photos: Royal Enfield


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