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Gogoro Powers Up Manila with Smartscooters and Revolutionary Battery Swapping


Revolutionizing urban mobility, Gogoro, a global technology leader in sustainable transportation, has officially rolled out its Smartscooters and groundbreaking battery swapping ecosystem in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines.

In a significant move towards smart and eco-friendly transportation, Horace Luke, the visionary founder and CEO of Gogoro, expressed the milestone’s importance. “Today marks a crucial step in transforming urban mobility in the Philippines. Gogoro’s battery swapping and Smartscooters (electric scooters) pave the way for Filipinos to embrace a smarter and more sustainable mode of transportation,” he stated. The launch represents a collaborative effort between like-minded entities, including Ayala, Globe, and 917Ventures.

The birth of Gogoro Philippines, a joint venture between Ayala Corporation, Globe’s 917Ventures, and Gogoro, signals a new era in sustainable transportation.

Bernie Llamzon, the President and CEO of Gogoro Philippines, sees this as a turning point in the pursuit of intelligent urban transportation in the country. “With Gogoro battery swapping, we provide not only a convenient and eco-friendly refueling solution but also embrace a lifestyle change that benefits our community and environment,” Llamzon proudly shared.

gogoro delight electric scooter

At the heart of Gogoro’s innovation is its battery swapping technology. Smart, safe, and constantly evolving, it caters to riders, businesses, and communities. In Taiwan, the Gogoro Network boasts nearly 600,000 riders and over 1.3 million smart batteries circulating through 12,000 swapping stations at 2,500 locations.

With an impressive 400,000 daily swaps and over 500 million total swaps, Gogoro has saved a staggering 770,000 tons of CO2 since its inception.

Gogoro’s foray into the Philippines signals not just a launch but a commitment to a sustainable and intelligent urban future. As the Smartscooters zip through Manila’s streets, and the battery swapping stations dot the landscape, it’s clear that Gogoro is lighting the way for a greener, smarter tomorrow.

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