Revolutionary BMW Motorcycle Seat: Patent Filing Reveals Intelligent and Adjustable Design


BMW Motorrad has recently filed several patents indicating the development of an intelligent seat that will be used in future models of the brand.

According to Motorrad website, this seat will feature electric and electronic adjustment options, not only to change the width of the seat, but also to adjust various factors related to ergonomics and comfort, depending on the rider’s height and riding situation.

The patent filings detail various technical approaches that involve the use of electric servo motors to adjust the seat cushions at decisive points, such as the front transition of the seat to the gas tank.

This will allow the seat to be transformed into different shapes and heights, according to the rider’s preferences. A sport seat that extends into a two-passenger seat also appears to be viable.

In addition to the electromechanical devices, BMW is also working on an electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic seat that can be quickly transformed by means of air or fluid ducts and chambers within the cushions.

This system will allow the contour and hardness of the seat to be altered even more rapidly, possibly automatically during riding, according to the driving situation.

bmw intelligent seat

The possibility of automatically adjusting the seat during riding is something that could be a major breakthrough in motorcycle seat technology.

For example, inflation in the front area can provide support for the rider during braking, while inflation in the rear area can provide support during acceleration. It is also possible that the massage function may be incorporated into this intelligent seat.

BMW is once again leading the way in terms of technological innovation in its products, and the intelligent seat is another example of this.

Although we do not yet have precise information on when these seats will be implemented in the brand’s production models, it is exciting to see the possibilities that technology is bringing to the world of motorcycles.

Certainly, riders will eagerly await to experience this new level of comfort and technology.


Marcelo Souza

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