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New Harley-Davidson and Hero Partnership Leaks Images of Upcoming Single-Cylinder Bike


In a leaked set of images, it appears that Harley-Davidson and Hero Motocorp, its official partner in India, are working on a new single-cylinder motorcycle that is specifically designed for the Indian market.

In India, single-cylinder engines up to 500 cc are still common and popular, often without water cooling. This new model, rumored to be called the Hero Harley, is expected to feature a 420 cc air-oil-cooled single-cylinder engine with an estimated output of 30-40 horsepower, keeping the manufacturing costs in line with the Indian market.

The leaked images reveal that the Hero Harley will have a sporty and modern naked bike design, deviating from Harley-Davidson’s typical cruiser style. The motorcycle features an upside-down telescopic fork and a not-so-flat steering head angle, indicating a more aggressive riding stance.

At the rear, classic spring struts can be seen, giving the motorcycle a retro touch. The seat height is expected to be beginner-friendly at just under 800 millimeters, and the weight is estimated to be around 180 kilograms with a full tank of petrol.

harley-davidson hero leak

In terms of features, the Hero Harley is expected to come with a 6-speed gearbox, ABS-equipped disc brakes on both wheels from the Indian Brembo offshoot Bybre, and LED lights that showcase the iconic Harley-Davidson brand. The motorcycle is also rumored to have a modern TFT display in the cockpit with colored displays and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as different riding modes.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Hero Harley is its expected price. Despite being a Harley-Davidson branded motorcycle, the price is speculated to be around 250,000 Indian rupees, which is equivalent to US$ 3,050. This competitive pricing puts the Hero Harley in direct competition with established models from other Indian motorcycle brands like Royal Enfield, TVS, and Honda.

This is not Harley-Davidson’s first attempt at the Indian market. From 2014 to 2020, Harley-Davidson had a factory in India where it produced the Street 500, Street 750, and Street Rod models with water-cooled V-twin engines. However, these models did not gain much traction in the Indian market, and the Harley-Davidson plant in India was eventually closed at the end of 2020. The new partnership with Hero Motocorp and the development of the Hero Harley could be Harley-Davidson’s second chance at capturing the Indian market.

harley-davidson hero leak

Although the leaked images and details of the Hero Harley are still speculative, the anticipation among Indian motorcycle enthusiasts is already building. The market launch of the Hero Harley is reportedly planned for the summer of 2023, initially in India, but export to other countries is also being considered.

Harley-Davidson and Hero Motocorp’s partnership and the development of a new single-cylinder motorcycle for the Indian market demonstrate the brands’ commitment to adapting to local preferences and expanding their presence in one of the world’s largest motorcycle markets.

Motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe will be keeping a close eye on the Hero Harley and its potential impact in the Indian motorcycle industry.

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