SUPER73 Launches All-New Adventure Series Lineup of Electric Motorbikes Designed for the Outdoors


SUPER73, an American lifestyle adventure brand specializing in electric motorbikes, has launched its all-new Adventure Series lineup of bikes designed for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Adventure Series models are designed to provide an ultimate exploration experience, based on rider feedback. Each model boasts standard front suspension and a range of features such as aggressive GRZLY tires, an extended performance seat, fenders, headlights and rear lights, and the relocation of the battery to the down tube for the S and R models.

In addition, the Adventure Series bicycles are equipped with customizable front and rear suspension that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences for a more personalized riding encounter. Additionally, all Adventure Series models are furnished with an eight-speed cassette as a standard feature.

According to LeGrand Crewse, the CEO of SUPER73, the Adventure Series combines thoughtful design with features that riders want. The company is committed to reaching a wide array of riders and has a steadfast commitment to its current and new customers.

super73 electric bike

The Adventure Series lineup includes the Z Adventure, S Adventure, and R Adventure models, each with their own unique design and price range. The Z Adventure is the most cost-effective model in the lineup, starting at $2,695, while the R Adventure is the flagship model, starting at $3,995. The S Adventure model is a step up from the Z Adventure and embodies the classic e-bike feel with a more aggressive design.

It features new colorways for existing models, such as Metallic Aluminum, Obsidian, and Panthro Blue. The company’s commitment to listening to its fans has led to these changes, as well as the implementation of other design elements.

In conclusion, the SUPER73 Adventure Series lineup of bikes is designed to provide an ultimate exploration experience. The models boast a range of features and standard front suspension, as well as fully adjustable front and rear suspension to personalize the riding experience.

With the Adventure Series, SUPER73 continues to combine thoughtful design with features that riders want.

photos: SUPER73


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