Introducing the Yamaha XSR900 GP: Where Nostalgia Meets Cutting-Edge Performance


The XSR series draws inspiration from Yamaha‘s rich racing history, and in 2024, it takes a bold leap with the introduction of the new XSR900 GP.

Over the years, Yamaha has notched up numerous victories in various motorcycle racing categories, including the Grand Prix. The 1980s marked a “Golden Era” for Yamaha in Grand Prix racing, with innovations that continue to influence modern sport motorcycles.

One of the key innovations from this era was the Deltabox frame, which offered exceptional rigidity and feedback. Today, this iconic frame style remains at the core of many Yamaha motorcycles, including the XSR900 GP.

The XSR900 GP embodies the “Faster Sons” philosophy, respecting the past while incorporating the latest in performance and technology. Its upper cowling, inspired by 1980s Grand Prix bikes, pays homage to Yamaha’s racing history. The tubed structure connecting the cowling to the frame and the use of a beta pin fastening are reminiscent of that era.

yamaha xsr900 gp

Also, the XSR900 GP features a race-bike look with design cues from the 1980s, including a squared-off upper cowling and a colour-matched seat cover that conceals the rear light. The iconic yellow number boards harken back to the Grand Prix machines of the 1980s.

Clip-on handlebars give the XSR900 GP a sportier feel, shifting the rider’s position forward for enhanced control and a precise riding experience. The adjustable footrests and thicker seat provide both comfort and a sporty riding position.

To support the forward-leaning position, the XSR900 GP’s frame areas have been tuned for stability in turning. It features an aluminum steering stem shaft for a balance between lightness and stability.

yamaha xsr900 gp

In addition, the XSR900 GP incorporates modern suspension and braking components, including fully adjustable KYB front forks, a link-type rear suspension, and a Brembo radial front master cylinder. It also boasts Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) for customized riding experiences, with preset modes and the ability to adjust electronic rider aids via a smartphone.

Anyway, the XSR900 GP brings the glory of Yamaha’s racing history into the modern era, offering riders a blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge performance that’s truly spectacular.

yamaha xsr900 gp

photos: Yamaha


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