Honda Unveils Sustainable Innovations at Milan Design Week


Honda takes center stage at Milan Design Week with a showcase of sustainable product design. From April 16th to 21st, the event hosts the European premiere of Honda’s latest electrified urban vehicle concepts – the SUSTAINA-C Concept car and Pocket Concept motorcycle.

These creations exemplify Honda’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions across all fronts. The SUSTAINA-C Concept envisions a future liberated from the constraints of finite resources.

Teaming up with the Pocket Concept, a compact motorcycle designed for last-mile mobility, Honda showcases its prowess in crafting sustainable transportation solutions.

Within these innovations, the fundamental component of such breakthroughs is undoubtedly a radical material strategy. At the core of the SUSTAINA-C concept, the sheets are composed of used tail lights’ acrylic resin, avoiding all paint-based processes.


What it does for the environment is reduce the emissions by nearly 45 percent in its production process and what it does for the design itself is create no other possibility than these exceptional painting-free finishes that simply exploit all other aspects of aesthetics. 

Coloring a mix of black and white to get the desired marble effect is what gives the panels their most important characteristic. These panels are also highly durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions and low-level impacts.

A special quality that makes the SUSTAINA-C Concept mesmerizing is its back door made of one piece of acrylic resin, functioning as a smaller LED screen. Through this creative solution, visibility can be improved, and new interactions with the car can also be created, adding a new dimension to vehicle exteriors and safety features.

2024 honda sh125i

Finally, Honda also displayed the SH125i “Vetro” scooter, which is an idea and a tribute to the technical capabilities. It features unique translucent, unpainted green body panels that emits 9.5% less CO2 in one year of production compared to the standard color scheme. 

photos: Honda


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