Honda Scoops Red Dot Design Awards for EM1 e: Electric Moped and Motocompacto Foldable E-Scooter


In a triumphant display of design prowess, Honda once again emerged victorious at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards for the fifth consecutive year.

This time, the Japanese automotive giant clinched four coveted awards in the Product Design category, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in innovation and aesthetic excellence.

Among the standout winners were the EM1 e: electric moped and the Motocompacto ultra-compact foldable e-scooter. These cutting-edge mobility solutions dazzled judges with their forward-thinking design, seamlessly blending form and function to redefine urban commuting.

EM1 e: – Redefining Personal Mobility

honda em1 e:

The EM1 e: electric moped represents a paradigm shift in personal transportation. Crafted under the ethos of creating an electric scooter that perfectly caters to the needs of modern commuters, the EM1 e: boasts a sleek and minimalist design powered by the revolutionary Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swappable battery.

Engineered for simplicity and efficiency, the EM1 e: optimizes the layout of its key components to deliver a compact yet powerful riding experience. Equipped with high-brightness LEDs, including a striking flush-surface headlight, this moped ensures maximum visibility and safety even during nighttime rides.

Motocompacto – Compact, Connected, and Chic

Inspired by the iconic Honda Motocompo, the Motocompacto is a contemporary reinterpretation of urban mobility. Designed as a versatile “first and last mile” solution, this ultra-compact foldable e-scooter seamlessly integrates into the modern urban lifestyle.

With its ingenious folding mechanism and compact dimensions, the Motocompacto effortlessly fits into standard B segment vehicles, offering unparalleled convenience for city dwellers. Its sophisticated yet understated styling provides a blank canvas for personalization, allowing users to express their individuality through custom stickers and decorations.

honda motocompacto

“We are honored to receive the Red Dot Design Award for our EM1 e: electric moped and Motocompacto foldable e-scooter,” remarked Toshinobu Minami, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Honda’s Design Center. “These products embody Honda’s unwavering commitment to innovation and our vision of moving people physically and emotionally. We are dedicated to continuing to push the boundaries of mobility and inspire people around the world with our creations.”

A Vision for the Future

As Honda celebrates its latest triumph at the Red Dot Design Awards, it remains steadfast in its mission to shape the future of mobility. With products like the EM1 e: and Motocompacto leading the charge, Honda continues to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create experiences that resonate with customers worldwide.

With each accolade and each innovation, Honda reaffirms its status as a pioneer in design and technology, driving towards a future where mobility is not just efficient but also exhilarating.

photos: Honda


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