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Furiosa: The Post-Apocalyptic Masterpiece Crowned 2023 Honda Customs Winner


In a thrilling showdown of creativity and craftsmanship, the 2023 Honda Customs competition reached its zenith, declaring the enigmatic “Furiosa” as the victor.

This awe-inspiring custom Dax, reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic dream, emerged triumphant with 34% of the total votes, capturing the hearts of moto enthusiasts across Europe.

Created through the collaborative efforts of the talented Portuguese artist Tamara Alves (@tamara_aalves) and the skilled bike builders at Art of Wheels Garage (@artonwheelsgarage), Furiosa transcended convention to seize the coveted title of Honda Customs winner.

In a competition that witnessed the transformation of European mini-bikes into artful masterpieces, Furiosa’s victory shines as a testament to its exceptional design and execution.

The Inspiration Behind Furiosa

Inspired by the gritty, dystopian landscapes of post-apocalyptic movies, Furiosa is a visual feast of innovation and rebellion.

Its distinguishing features include block tires that evoke ruggedness, a commanding wolf motif that symbolizes strength, graffiti signatures that infuse urban artistry, a bespoke exhaust crowned with a wire mesh cage, and subtle hints of tartan peeking from beneath the scorched seat cover.

This amalgamation of elements creates a truly unique and captivating aesthetic that demands attention.

honda dax furiosa

Masayuki Hamamatsu, General Manager of Motorcycles at Honda Motor Europe, expressed his enthusiasm for the competition’s success, emphasizing how working with young artists to create unique minibike versions has opened the doors to a younger audience, highlighting the fun and accessibility of motorcycles.

Furiosa, with its captivating and rebellious spirit, truly embodies this sentiment and stands as a worthy champion, thanks to the dedication of artists and customizers from seven different countries and the votes of more than 15,000 passionate enthusiasts.

In the realm of custom motorcycles, Furiosa’s victory is a resounding testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and the enduring appeal of two-wheeled masterpieces.

As it rides into the spotlight, Furiosa embodies the spirit of the post-apocalyptic world, where artistry meets rebellion, and motorcycles become canvases for imagination.

photos: Honda


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