Ducati launches Futa All Road: electric road bike for asphalt, gravel and dirt


The high-performance electric bicycle segment has just become even more interesting with the launch of the Ducati Futa All Road, its road bike for any type of terrain, that is, asphalt, gravel and dirt roads.

The new feature is a beefier version of the Ducati Futa, launched in Europe in 2022, and which is focused solely on asphalt. With Futa All Road, you can choose your path, without having to worry.

It has a monocoque carbon fiber frame with sports resistance geometry, meaning it is very light, weighing just 12.4 kg (in size M).

ducati futa all road

The motor, located in the rear hub, is the FSA System HM 1.0 with 250W and 42Nm of torque that presents a fluid and natural delivery in all conditions, with 5 levels of assistance.

Furthermore, it is equipped with Vision AGX 30 wheels with carbon fiber rims, and Vittoria Terreno Dry dual purpose tires, perfect for dirt and gravel terrain.

Finally, Ducati equipped the model with some waterproof bags, located under the seat, on the handlebars and on the frame, which allow you to carry everything you need on a bike trip.

ducati futa all road

In addition to the Futa and Futa All Road, Ducati also has the MIG-S (mountain bike for extreme trails), TK-01RR (aluminium Enduro), and Powerstage RR (full carbon Enduro) e-bikes.

photos: Ducati


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