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SYM works on hybrid scooter with up to 300 km of autonomy


The market for electric motorcycles and scooters is still unstable and maturing. In cars, for example, some companies decided to change their focus from 100% electric to hybrids and these are becoming the favorites of the moment.

In the case of two wheels, we believe that we will follow the same path, whether we like it or not. As a result, some companies are already starting to work on concepts with these characteristics.

One of these companies is SYM, which released a hybrid scooter concept, that is, one that has an electric motor responsible for propelling the vehicle, and another internal combustion engine, to generate electricity and increase autonomy.

The SYM PE 3, as the concept is known, has a modern design, but with straight lines. According to information, it has a range of just 35 km with its battery. But, with its gasoline internal combustion engine, and a 3-liter tank, it can travel an additional approximately 265 km, reaching a total of 300 km.

sym pe3

Of course, we are talking about a scooter for urban travel, and with a low top speed. Information says that the gasoline engine does not propel the vehicle, it only generates electricity to charge the battery. It turns on automatically when the battery voltage drops from 75 to 60 volts.

This is different from some types of hybrid cars, where the internal combustion engine helps to ‘push’ the vehicle, contributing to a sportier performance.

But this type of combination is now also applied to motorcycles. Kawasaki recently launched its hybrid motorcycle, which can run on just the battery in 100% electric mode, or in electric + combustion mode, making riding more sporty and pleasurable.

Anyway, we have to wait for more information, but SYM has not announced when its hybrid scooter will hit the market. As the market is still evolving, a lot will happen in the coming years.

source and photos: motorradonline


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