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Yamaha launches 2025 model of its CROSSCORE RC and WABASH RT ebikes with improvements


Yamaha has launched in Europe, the 2025 model of its CROSSCORE RC and WABASH RT ebikes, urban and gravel, respectively. It arrives with improvements that make it even more competent in its use.

The Yamaha CROSSCORE RC is the urban ebike for everyone, with its relaxed riding position, and is the most affordable in the range.

For 2025, it received a new engine, the PWseries S2, with more torque and less weight. Now, the unit produces 75 Nm of torque, and weighs just 2.85 kg.

2025 crosscore rc

In addition, it gained a rear luggage rack, with the integrated MIK click system, which allows you to easily install accessories, such as a child seat, for example.

The Yamaha WABASH RT is one of the best gravel ebikes available on the market, with a contemporary design and great versatility.

It also gained the PWseries S2 engine, with more torque and less weight, as well as mounting points on the chassis, which allow you to install various objects, as well as a new Shasta Gray color.

2025 wabash rt

Yamaha’s new ebikes will be available in select European markets.

photos: Yamaha


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