Yamaha Drives Forward: New Assembly Line in France Powers Up Electric Mobility


In a grand celebration of innovation and commitment to European manufacturing, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. (YME) and Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Europe (YMME) unveiled their latest milestone: the inauguration of a cutting-edge Drive Unit assembly line in Saint Quentin, France.

This new assembly line marks a significant stride in Yamaha Motor’s dedication to local European production, heralding it as a strategic advantage for swiftly meeting the needs of its eBikes OEM customers across the continent.

By bringing production closer to home, Yamaha aims to enhance competitiveness and sustainability while bolstering its service capabilities.

Adding to the extensive repertoire of YMME, the Drive Unit assembly line signifies a pivotal move towards multi-product manufacturing and electric mobility. Formerly known as MBK Industrie, YMME has long been synonymous with crafting Yamaha’s flagship models like the Ténéré 700, MT-125, and XMAX.


Now, it embarks on a new journey, assembling the latest range of Yamaha eBikes and tailoring Powered Two-Wheelers and ATVs to suit European-specific demands.

At the heart of this new production line lies Yamaha’s drive unit PWseries S2, meticulously crafted for the high-volume Sport and Trail electric bicycle segments.

This innovative unit promises to redefine the electric biking experience, embodying Yamaha’s unwavering commitment to excellence and technological prowess.

As Yamaha revs up its engines in France, the inauguration of this assembly line marks not just a new chapter, but a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast vision for a sustainable future.

photos: Yamaha


Marcelo Souza

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