Yamaha participates in electric bicycle race, the 2024 GIRO-E


Yamaha Motor Europe announced that it is participating in the 2024 edition of GIRO-E, the electric bicycle race that had its first edition in 2019 and was created to increase awareness of sustainable mobility.

This ebike race runs ‘alongside’ the traditional and famous Giro d’Italia, which takes place from May 4th to 26th. The so-called Yamaha GIRO-E Team was created with approximately 75 participants, all group colleagues from the company’s units in Europe.

Yamaha participants use the powerful and elegant Wabash RT e-bike, a gravel e-bike that is a mix of ‘Speed’ and MTB that offers excellent performance on the asphalt, and some capability off it.

Then you ask me: Does Yamaha manufacture and sell electric bicycles? Yes, my dears, the company with the three tuning forks does not just manufacture motorcycles and pianos, but several other products, including ebikes. The company’s main ebikes are: Moro 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC.

yamaha wabash rt

In a spirit of teamwork and adventure, the president and CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe, Olivier Prévost, participated in a stage lasting approximately 64 km.

Speaking ahead of the GIRO-E’s start, Olivier Prévost said, “Yamaha is proud to actively contribute to creating public awareness of the GIRO-E and what it represents. Our journey began 30 years ago when Yamaha introduced the world’s first Power Assist System bicycle. As a pioneer in the eBike industry it is an honour for us to be the only GIRO-E team competing with our own staff and own bicycle technology. It will be a perfect way to foster the sense of camaraderie and experience ‘Kando’ ourselves on the Wabash RT. I’m excited to be part of this Yamaha Team!” 

I’m also pleased that on one of the stages, the legendary British adventure rider and Yamaha ambassador Nick Sanders, will join us at the GIRO-E. Nick Sanders is in the middle of attempting a world record in his epic eBike World Tour on the Wabash RT and become the first person ever to ride an electric bicycle around the world,” he added.

photos: Yamaha


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