Davinci Motor’s DC100 High-Performance Electric Motorcycle Debuts in China


Recently, Davinci Motor’s small batch trial production of DC100 high-performance electric motorcycle rolled off the production line in Zibo, China, heralding a new start and new energy for the motorcycle industry.

The DC100 rivals its 1,000cc gas-powered counterpart when it comes to performance, evidenced by outstanding technical data: acceleration 0-100 km/h in about 3 sec, top speed of 200 km/h, peak power of 100 kW, and peak torque of 850 Nm.

On top of all that, the DC100 was designed using new energy vehicles (NEV) as a benchmark for range and charging method, elevating industry standards of two-wheeled electric vehicles. The DC100 is compatible with L3 DC Fast Chargers in the United States, Europe and China, which can deliver a full charge in about 30 minutes.

Designed with a robotic concept, the DC100 is capable of sensing, computing and executing. While riding, the DC100 has the capacity to track accurate information such as ambient temperature, battery and motor temperature, lean angle, traveling speed, wheel speed and road conditions.

davinci motor dc100

Furthermore, it combines this vehicle and environmental data and user commands to precisely control its power system. To address the difficulty of riding a heavy-duty motorcycle, the DC100 is designed with various assist features including the Hill Start Assist Control and Hill Descent Control, Reverse Assist, Combined Braking System, and Traction Control System, all of which render the riding experience easier and safer. Hence, the DC100 is a two-wheeled dynamic robot in both appearance and performance.

Davinci Motor’s intelligent manufacturing base, located in the Zibo Comprehensive Bonded Zone, is a modern factory featuring Industry 4.0 manufacturing. With the IoT systems, digitalized and intelligent operations are enabled in its production line in terms of supply, manufacturing and sales, making it easy to deliver fast, efficient and personalized offerings.

In addition, the final assembly line of the DC100 consists of more than 20 AGV robots, realizing fully intelligent and flexible production.

Anyway, for more information, access https://global.davincimotor.com/.

photos: Davinci Motor


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