BMW x NVIDIA: designer creates electric motorcycle concept with computer parts


Aaryaman Mistry, an Indian designer, has created a concept for an electric motorcycle that uses computer parts at its core, more precisely from NVIDIA, known for its video cards.

His inspiration came from a computer built by himself. He liked his ‘machine’ (also known as ‘setup’ in the gamer world) so much that he imagined a motorcycle from the future with these characteristics, made in modules and that can be assembled and customized by the user.

Thus, it used concepts already presented by BMW and NVIDIA parts (which control all the electronics and AI of the vehicle) as a basis to arrive at this futuristic electric motorcycle.

BMW does not yet have an electric motorcycle in its lineup, but it already markets the CE 04, its futuristic electric scooter, which was launched with cutting-edge technology to be the company’s first urban electric product.

electric motorcycle concept

In addition, the Bavarian company has already presented other electric concepts: the CE 02, an electric motorcycle of the future for young beginner riders, and the Vision AMBY, an electric bike without pedals that is a mix of a bicycle and a motorcycle.

For now, the Indian designer’s concept is just an idea drawn on the computer. But it brings some interesting features: the overall design is what most calls attention, something very thin and clean.

In addition, in his view, the bike can be ‘transformed into a sportbike’, with the handlebars and the entire front assembly being lowered. Another detail that stands out is the presence of two electric motors, installed in the wheel hubs. With this, a more ‘spicy’ performance is expected.

Anyway, the BMW x NVIDIA concept is a good way to imagine what an electric motorcycle of the future with a very radical design could look like. We do not know if any feature of this design will actually be used by any manufacturer.

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