Yamaha’s Bold Move: The End of an Era for R1 Supersport Bikes


In a surprising turn of events, Yamaha has decided to bid farewell to the iconic R1 supersport bike in terms of public sales. The company announced that, like its predecessor the R6, the R1 will transition to being produced exclusively for track use, marking the end of an era for enthusiasts worldwide. But why such a drastic shift in strategy?

Over the past decade, the global motorcycle market has witnessed significant transformations. Rider preferences have evolved, influenced by changing external circumstances and increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Among the most noticeable changes is the evolution of the Supersport category itself.

Yamaha says that remains committed to serving the needs of Supersport enthusiasts. While the R1’s public sales may cease, Yamaha Motor Europe assures fans that the Supersport segment will remain vibrant. The company will focus on platform models like the R125, R3, and R7, promising to continue delivering excitement both on the road and the track.

The decision to shift the R1’s focus towards track use reflects Yamaha’s response to changing customer demands. Starting from 2025, the R1 will join the R6 in its track-only production status. But this doesn’t mark the end of the road for the legendary R1; far from it.

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Global production of the R1 will persist beyond 2025, accompanied by ongoing development programs. The R1’s track legacy speaks for itself, having secured world titles in prestigious championships like the FIM Superbike and Endurance World Championships. It remains a popular choice for riders and teams across various racing levels.

To support enthusiasts in maximizing their track experience, Yamaha has invested in GYTR Performance parts for the R1. These parts, crafted by the same engineers behind the R1’s success in World Superbike Championships, offer enhanced performance and competitiveness.

Moreover, Yamaha has established a network of GYTR PRO SHOPS, run by passionate motorcycle racing enthusiasts. These shops provide specialized support for riders seeking to optimize their R-Series Supersport models for track use. Examples include renowned teams like Crescent Motorcycles and the GRT Yamaha WorldSBK team, showcasing Yamaha’s dedication to the racing community.

While the R1 transitions to a track-focused model, Yamaha reassures enthusiasts that the road-going homologated R1 and R1M will remain available through authorized dealers. Additionally, the company confirms its commitment to the segment with the continuation of the popular Yamaha Racing Experience event throughout 2024.

In conclusion, Yamaha’s decision to shift the R1’s focus to track use marks a significant chapter in the history of Supersport motorcycles. While it may signal the end of an era for public sales, Yamaha’s dedication to performance, innovation, and the racing community remains unwavering.

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