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Yamaha Takes Aim at Honda: Patent for Automatic Transmission on MT-07 Unveiled


Yamaha has registered an automatic transmission patent for its 700cc motorcycles, such as the naked MT-07, the sporty R7 and the adventurous Ténéré 700. With this, it is expected that the company will be able to rival the already launched Honda E-Clutch , present in the CB 650R and CBR 650R.

According to the drawings, the Yamaha system is different from the Honda one. It features a practically automated system, eliminating the gearshift pedal and clutch lever. Honda’s keeps them, giving the user the option of using them or not.

To change gears on Yamaha models, a set of buttons were placed on the left handlebar grip. Apparently a button to ‘use’ the clutch was also placed, this time on the right handlebar grip.

It is a system similar to the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), present in some Honda models, but because it is simpler, it should also be much cheaper, perfect for being implemented on ‘lower’ priced motorcycles.

yamaha patent for MT-07

Just like the Honda E-Clutch, Yamaha’s automated gearshift system will be an option sold separately and can be installed on any of the motorcycles already mentioned.

For now, there is no forecast for this system to hit the market, but it will be interesting to see the receptivity of the public, who generally buy these motorcycles to extract maximum performance and riding pleasure, including manually changing gears with traditional systems.

P.S.: In Japan, the Honda E-Clutch costs approximately US$380, well below the US$710 for the DCT system.

source and images: Cycleworld


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