Yamaha Motor Embraces Innovative Eco-Friendly Recycled Polypropylene as Key Raw Material Choice


Yamaha Motor announced a significant step towards sustainability with the development of a high-quality recycled polypropylene (PP) material for motorcycle bodywork.

The new eco-friendly material, made exclusively from pre-consumer materials with a traceable manufacturing history and no risk of containing environmentally hazardous substances, will be used in the main exterior bodywork of the Company’s 2023 commuter models for ASEAN markets.

PP materials constitute approximately half of the resin materials used in motorcycle bodywork, making it a crucial raw material for Yamaha Motor.

The company has been actively pursuing the use of recycled PP in its products, but the newly developed material boasts even higher levels of strength and improved aesthetics compared to conventional recycled materials. This makes it suitable for areas that require greater visual appeal.

recycled polypropylene

The adoption of this eco-friendly recycled PP aligns with Yamaha Motor’s commitment to sustainability, as outlined in its Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality in all of its business activities, including its supply chain, by 2050.

To meet this goal, Yamaha Motor has set a target of transitioning to 100% sustainable materials by 2050 and will continue to expand its efforts to incorporate green and recycled materials in its products across different product categories.

By utilizing this innovative recycled PP material in its motorcycles, Yamaha Motor not only reduces its environmental footprint but also promotes circular economy principles by giving new life to pre-consumer materials that would otherwise go to waste.

The company’s commitment to sustainable materials underscores its dedication to creating a more environmentally responsible and sustainable future for the motorcycle industry and beyond.

Green Aluminum

In February 2023, the company started employing the so called ‘Green Aluminum’ as a raw material for manufacturing parts for Yamaha motorcycles in Japan.

So what is green aluminum? Aluminum that has been purified using renewable energy sources and emits approximately 60% less CO2 during its production compared to conventionally refined aluminum.

The actual reduction in emissions percentage depends on the manufacturer. For motorcycles, aluminum parts contribute between 12% to 31% of the total vehicle weight, making the adoption of green aluminum an effective strategy to minimize CO2 emissions during the raw material manufacturing phase of a product’s life cycle.

Yamaha Motor has been proactively promoting the use of recycled aluminum, which currently accounts for approximately 80% of their aluminum consumption, by leveraging their expertise in engineering and production technologies.

To complement this approach, they have introduced green aluminum for parts that cannot be produced with recycled materials. Initially, Yamaha Motor will utilize green aluminum for specific components in their high-displacement and off-road competition motorcycles. Moreover, they intend to expand the use of green aluminum in more models in the future, contingent upon the availability of supply volumes.

photos: Yamaha


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