BMW launches Automated Gear Shift system for motorcycles


BMW Motorrad has launched an Automated Gear Shift Assistant for motorcycles, which eliminates the clutch lever, but allows manual shifts via the gearshift pedal.

We can say that the system is similar to the recently launched Honda E-Clutch, the Japanese manufacturer’s electronic clutch, which is available on the CB 650R and CBR 650R as an option.

Of course, we can’t say if it’s more advanced or not, but it works in a similar way. According to BMW, two electromechanical actuators, combined with electronic controls, operate the clutch and gear shifting.

Two modes are offered that can be selected on the left grip: ‘M’ for manual, and ‘D’ for automated. In ‘M’ mode, simply press the clutch pedal to change gears. In ‘D’ mode, the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) and sensors control everything to perform gear changes at the right times.

bmw automated shift assistant

According to the company, if you are in ‘M’ mode and ‘forget’ to change gears when slowing down or stopping, the system also works to prevent the bike from stalling.

In ‘D’ mode, it guarantees precise and smooth gear shifting at the right times, depending on several factors, such as the selected riding mode, engine load, and even the motorcycle’s inclination.

Anyway, riding a BMW motorcycle will be much more enjoyable as you can concentrate on riding and enjoying the scenery, letting the bike do all the work of changing gears and operating the clutch. If you want more dynamic riding, you can still use manual mode. It’s the best of both worlds.

photos: BMW


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