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Honda Launches The New 2025 XR 300L Tornado in Brazil


Honda launched the new 2025 XR 300L Tornado in Brazil, a 300cc Trail motorcycle, which revives the name that was a success there in the 2000s.

Despite being very similar and having the same proposal as the CRF300L, sold in Europe and the USA, it is based on the Sahara 300, a 300cc on/off-road adventure motorcycle existing in the brand’s lineup in Brazil.

As the Sahara 300 is more focused on short adventure trips using asphalt and dirt roads, the XR 300L Tornado follows a different path, being completely focused on off-road.

honda xr 300l tornado
2025 Honda XR 300L Tornado

In time: The new XR 300L Tornado does not have the chassis or engine of the CRF300L. As we said, it is based on the Sahara 300, bringing this model’s chassis and engine. We only mention the CRF300L for its aesthetic similarity and purpose.

To have all this off-road capability, it has fewer fairings than its ‘sister’ Sahara 300, a more compact upper body, a narrow rally-style seat, and a raised front fender. With this, it is expected to be a little lighter.

As it is based on the Sahara 300, the engine is the same, that is, a 293.5 cm³ single-cylinder with air and oil cooling, capable of generating up to 25.2 HP of maximum power and 27 Nm of torque, with Ethanol. In Brazil, most motorcycles and cars are flex fuel, that is, they can run on Ethanol or Gasoline in any proportion.

honda crf300l
Honda CRF300L sold in Europe and USA

Anyway, there is no information whether the XR 300L Tornado will be launched in other countries.

photos: Honda


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