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Honda CBF190X Fighthawk: a modern and practical crossover bike


Honda has in China a very interesting, modern and practical bike, the CBF190X Fighthawk, a 190cc crossover motorcycle based on the naked model CBF190R.

The CBF190X Fighthawk model features a higher suspension, comfortable seat, large windshield and dual purpose tires. It is an ideal choice for city use and short weekend getaways.

The suspension has a monoshock at the rear and an inverted fork at the front. The set is able to absorb good part of the impacts, allowing a safer and more pleasant riding.

Being based on the ‘naked’ CBF190R, it has a contemporary and aggressive design, with enough fairing and windshield to provide good protection against rain and wind.

honda cbf190x

Modern, the CB190X Fighthawk has Full-LED lighting, fully digital LCD panel, brake disc on both axles, optional ABS system and wide rear tire, 140 mm wide.

The engine is an air-cooled 184.4 cm³ single-cylinder with electronic fuel injection, and a maximum power of 16.6 HP (12.4 kW) with 1.64 kgfm (16.3 Nm) of torque.

Finally, it has good ground clearance (150 mm), a 12 liter fuel tank, 1356 mm wheelbase and a curb weight of 149 kg.


The low displacement crossover segment seems to remain warm. Yamaha recently launched in India the FZ-X, a 150cc neo-retro crossover motorcycle.

Premium models with these features have been marketed for some time, such as the Kawasaki Versys X-300 and the BMW G 310 GS, just to name a few.

Anyway, the Honda CBF190X Fighthawk should leave China and come to the West, as it has everything a modern urban biker needs: practicality.

If you are interested, you can access the Honda Motorcycles website in China for more details, but be aware, it is very slow.

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