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Gogoro Smartscooters and Battery-Swapping Technology Launched in the Philippines


The Globe Group’s 917Ventures, Ayala Corporation, and Gogoro Inc., announced the launch of Gogoro Smartscooters and battery-swapping in the Philippines. The companies also revealed that Gogoro’s public availability in Metro Manila will be by Q4 2023.

Gogoro is a leading electric two-wheel vehicle company that has revolutionized mobility in Taiwan and beyond with its electric scooters. Also, its innovative battery-swapping technology offers cost-efficient and convenient charging options to riders.

Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO, expressed his pride in bringing Gogoro Smartscooters and battery-swapping technology to the Philippines. He said that Filipinos would have access to these eco-friendly vehicles, which are affordable and efficient, a first for the country.

Horace Luke, Founder and CEO of Gogoro, said that he was thrilled to introduce the Gogoro ecosystem to the Philippines. He added that the company was committed to replicating its success in Taiwan, where it has over 540,000 riders and has deployed more than one million smart batteries at 12,000 battery-swapping stations.

gogoro smartscooters

Gogoro riders have already swapped over 450 million total swaps, with 400,000 per day, saving over 627,000 tons of CO2 since launching. The company’s entry into the Philippines marks the climate tech debut of the Globe Group as it continues to deliver innovations that address Filipinos’ daily pain points.

The Gogoro launch offers a new era in sustainable transportation by bringing together smart, convenient, and accessible electric vehicles to customers. Gogoro aims to address commuter woes on expensive gas prices while reducing carbon emissions.

With the current traffic situation in the Metro, the Smartscooters will serve as an eco-friendly alternative to ease congestion and reduce carbon emissions. Bernie Llamzon, Globe Capital Venture Holdings Inc. Director, said that the Gogoro ecosystem’s swap-and-go technology allowed riders to swap out depleted batteries for charged ones in just seconds and go on their way.

gogoro smartscooters

Cu thanked the Philippine government for supporting the shift to electric vehicles, highlighting the importance of enabling policies to promote EVs’ success in the country. Sustainable transportation projects are aligned with the government’s long-term agenda to promote environment-friendly transport options and foster digitalization as mobility needs of Filipino individuals and businesses rise.

The launch of Gogoro Smartscooters and battery-swapping technology in the Philippines signals a significant shift towards sustainable transportation in the country. As Gogoro continues to expand its operations, its success story will inspire other countries to adopt eco-friendly transportation solutions, making the world a better place for all.

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