BMW Motorrad’s Innovative Active Aero System Revolutionizes Superbikes


BMW Motorrad, renowned for pushing the boundaries of motorcycle engineering, has once again stirred excitement in the racing world with its groundbreaking development in aerodynamics.

Recent reports reveal that BMW is delving into the realm of active aero for its superbikes, aiming to enhance cornering performance like never before.

Several months back, BMW filed a patent for an unconventional aero system designed to generate downforce during cornering maneuvers. Now, the company has taken another significant step forward by applying for a new patent that employs a radically different approach to achieve the same objective.

While winglets have long been utilized to generate downforce in straight-line racing, the challenge of maintaining traction through corners has persisted due to the inherent lean of motorcycles. Traditional solutions, such as ground-effect bodywork, have proven effective but are somewhat limited in their effectiveness.

bmw active winglets

BMW’s latest patent introduces a remarkably simple yet ingenious solution: winglets that remain parallel to the ground even when the bike leans over. While such technology would be deemed illegal in MotoGP due to regulations prohibiting moving aerodynamic devices, BMW’s absence from MotoGP competition grants them the freedom to explore innovative avenues.

Unlike MotoGP, where active aerodynamics are restricted, the World Superbike Championship (WSBK) presents a more welcoming environment for such advancements. WSBK regulations permit active aerodynamic components, provided they are also present on the production model of the racebike.

BMW’s patent outlines hinged winglets controlled by actuators, ensuring they maintain a horizontal position regardless of the bike’s lean angle. While the technical specifics remain undisclosed, the concept promises to revolutionize cornering performance in superbike racing.

bmw active winglets

Although competitors have yet to adopt active aero components in WSBK, BMW’s pioneering efforts hint at an exciting future for motorcycle aerodynamics.

With the potential to transform cornering dynamics, BMW’s active aero system represents a leap forward in superbike engineering and promises to redefine the limits of performance on and off the track.


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