Yamaha Unveils the XSR900 DB40 Prototype at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Celebrating 40 Years of Deltabox Chassis Technology


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is renowned for showcasing some of the most impressive and iconic vehicles in the world, and this year, motorcycle enthusiasts were in for a treat as Yamaha debuted the highly anticipated XSR900 DB40 Prototype.

The prototype, which made its first public appearance at the prestigious event, is a fusion of Yamaha’s rich racing heritage and cutting-edge modern technology, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Yamaha’s Sport Heritage range.

At the heart of this remarkable motorcycle lies a piece of racing history: the Deltabox chassis. Back in the 1980s, Yamaha revolutionized motorcycle engineering with the introduction of the Deltabox chassis in their Grand Prix race machines. The innovative technology quickly found its way into road bikes and has remained a cornerstone of many Yamaha motorcycles for four decades.

The Deltabox’s name derives from its unique design, representing a triangle (symbolized by the Greek letter ‘Delta’) that links the head pipe to the swingarm pivot, while its cross-section resembles a box. This ingenious configuration offers unparalleled rigidity and feedback, providing riders with exceptional handling and control where it matters most.

yamaha xsr900 db40 prototype

The XSR900 DB40 Prototype celebrates 40 years of the Deltabox chassis by incorporating the latest version of this cutting-edge frame, perfectly pairing it with the award-winning 890cc ‘CP3’ triple-cylinder engine.

Taking center stage at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the XSR900 DB40 Prototype was ridden up the iconic Goodwood Hill on each of the event’s four days by none other than former YZR500 Grand Prix racer Niall Mackenzie. Niall, known for his tenure with Marlboro Yamaha in 1989 and subsequent years on Yamaha machinery in the early nineties, was the perfect choice to showcase the prototype’s racing DNA.

The XSR900 DB40 Prototype marks a significant milestone for Yamaha, symbolizing their commitment to blending nostalgia and innovation in their Sport Heritage range.

yamaha xsr900 db40 prototype

With its nod to the past and the inclusion of cutting-edge technology, this motorcycle pays homage to the iconic racing machines that have shaped Yamaha’s history while delivering the performance expected in modern times.

photos: Yamaha


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