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Unveiling the 2024 Zontes ZT 125 C: A New Player in the Custom Bobber Arena


Rev up your curiosity, moto enthusiasts! The 2024 Zontes ZT 125 C has roared onto the European scene, signaling the Chinese giant’s foray into the low-displacement custom bobber segment and giving the Honda Rebel a run for its money.

Packed with a 125cc single-cylinder engine, this beast kicks out a whopping 10.8 kW of power at 9,000 rpm, with a torque-happy twist reaching its peak at 7,000 rpm, boasting 13 Nm that you’ll feel in every ride.

Now, let’s talk efficiency – the ZT 125 C sips fuel at a jaw-dropping rate of 55 km/l (WMTC). And here’s the kicker: despite the pocket-friendly price tag of around 3,300 euros in the UK, Zontes didn’t cut corners on safety.

zontes zt 125 c

Bosch ABS takes the reins, ensuring a lock-free deceleration dance for the 16-inch wheels equipped with 120/80 tires at the front and 140/70 at the rear.

But wait, there’s more! The Zontes ZT 125 C flaunts a steel frame that’s not just sturdy but also eye-catching, thanks to its elevated and exposed steering head.

If that déjà vu feeling hits you, it’s because this architecture pays homage to the iconic Honda CMX Rebel series, with the tank serving as a nod to its rebel roots.

Hop on and feel the comfort of the riding position with a seat height of 700 millimeters, making those short city commutes a breeze. Worried about dirt? Fear not! Zontes has your back with a robust license plate holder and an ample mudguard, keeping you clean and carefree on the road.

zontes zt 125 c

In a world of custom bobbers, the 2024 Zontes ZT 125 C emerges as a fierce contender, offering power, style, and safety without breaking the bank.


Marcelo Souza

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