Revolutionizing Safety: Motorcycles with Side Wheels – A Game-Changer?


Hey gearheads, buckle up for some jaw-dropping news from the world of motorcycles! You know those side wheels we associate with our childhood bikes to prevent those embarrassing falls? Well, picture this – they might just become a thing in the realm of grown-up motorcycles too!

VOGE, the Chinese motorcycle maestro, has thrown a curveball with a patent filing that showcases an innovative adaptation – side wheels on the rear swingarm of a motorcycle, doubling up as a central stand. Imagine a safety net that’s not just for kiddie bikes but for the big guns of the two-wheel world!

While major motorcycle manufacturers are investing in sophisticated robotic systems to defy gravity, VOGE seems to have taken a simpler, yet mind-blowing approach.

voge patent motorcycle with side wheels

The retractable ‘arms’ of this system adapt to the terrain, making it a smooth operator even on bumpy rides. And here’s the kicker – these arms are powered by nifty electromechanical devices.

The burning question: When will we see this revolutionary tech hit the streets? Well, the crystal ball is a bit hazy on that one.

A patent filing doesn’t guarantee an imminent launch; it’s more like a sneak peek into the manufacturer’s secret laboratory. But hey, if simplicity and functionality win the day, we might be cruising on motorcycles with side wheels sooner than we think.

voge patent motorcycle with side wheels

Keep your helmets on, riders! The future of motorcycles just took an unexpected turn, and it’s a wild ride ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development.


Marcelo Souza

Author, Editor and Administrator of the MotoNews World website, graduated in Accounting, passionate about motorcycles and technology.

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