Triumph Unleashes the Beast: Introducing the 2024 Daytona 660


Rev up your engines and brace yourselves for a two-wheeled revolution – Triumph has just dropped a bombshell on the biking world with the all-new 2024 Triumph Daytona 660!

This middleweight sports bike isn’t just a machine; it’s a symphony of power, style, and cutting-edge technology.

Power Packed Performance

At the heart of the Daytona 660 roars a 660cc triple engine, pushing out an adrenaline-pumping 95PS and 69Nm of torque. But it’s not just about the numbers – Triumph has fine-tuned the engine to deliver a perfect blend of low-down torque, mid-range punch, and top-end fury. Brace yourself for a spine-tingling triple soundtrack, courtesy of the new exhaust system.

2024 daytona 660

Masterful Handling

Triumph didn’t stop at raw power; they’ve crafted a chassis that dances through the streets with finesse. The Daytona 660’s balanced frame, coupled with Showa suspension and Michelin Power 6 tires, ensures a ride that’s not just thrilling but also comfortable. Whether you’re carving corners or cruising down the highway, this beast responds to your every command.

Tech Marvels

Beyond its brawny exterior, the Daytona 660 boasts a tech-savvy soul. Three riding modes – Sport, Road, and Rain – adapt to your mood and the road conditions. Worried about sudden stops? The Emergency Deceleration Warning system has your back, activating hazard lights during intense braking to keep you visible and safe.

Aesthetically Arresting

2024 daytona 660

Triumph has reimagined the Daytona’s design, giving it a bold and aggressive stance. Twin LED headlights, a central air intake, and a contoured LED tail light – it’s a visual feast for bike enthusiasts. And with three striking color options, including a ‘660’ race-inspired graphic, the Daytona 660 is not just a bike; it’s a statement.

Rider’s Haven

Triumph understands that a bike is not just about power; it’s about the rider’s experience. The Daytona 660’s rider-focused design includes racy clip-on bars, a well-balanced riding position, and rider-friendly controls. Whether you’re tearing up the asphalt or navigating city streets, the Daytona 660 keeps you in control.

Tailor Your Ride

Triumph goes the extra mile with over 30 Genuine Triumph Accessories. Want to comply with an A2 license? There’s a kit for that. Need a seat adjustment? Triumph has you covered. It’s not just a bike; it’s your canvas for customization.

2024 daytona 660

In conclusion, the 2024 Triumph Daytona 660 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a rebellion on two wheels. Triumph has once again raised the bar, delivering a bike that doesn’t just meet expectations but shatters them.

photos: Triumph


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