Honda Continues to Triumph with Another Win at the Red Dot Design Awards


Honda has received two product design awards for their motorcycles at the 2023 Red Dot Design Awards. The two bikes that were awarded are the CB750 Hornet and the XL750 Transalp. The awards recognize products that display exceptional aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and intelligence.

The CB750 Hornet is a middleweight naked sport bike that boasts a brand new 755cc parallel twin-cylinder engine cradled by a lightweight steel-diamond frame. The design team in Rome worked to create a modern expression of technical beauty with sharp lines and aggressive angles. The fuel tank’s shape takes inspiration from a hornet’s wing, which embodies the athleticism and muscularity associated with streetfighter-style motorcycles. The revived nameplate continues to pay homage to its ancestor while featuring contemporary design elements.

The XL750 Transalp, a comfortable do-it-all crossover, was also recognized at the awards. The motorcycle marks the return of the Transalp name to Honda’s motorcycle lineup after nearly a decade. Built around the same 755cc parallel twin-cylinder engine as the Hornet, the XL750 Transalp offers a sleek, simple, and clean look with a sculpted fairing and screen that work together to reduce buffeting and increase weather protection. The bike retains the iconic long-legged stance that projects the adventurous intent for which it’s renowned.

2023 xl750 transalp

Honda’s design teams put a particular emphasis on user experience, incorporating Honda’s long-standing ‘Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum’ (M/M) development principle, which focuses on the user. The attention to detail, clever packaging, and use of high-quality materials enhance the user experience for both bikes.

Honda’s product design awards for both the CB750 Hornet and XL750 Transalp mark the fourth consecutive year that Honda has received multiple Red Dot Design Awards across their motorcycle and automobile product ranges.

The awards are a testament to Honda’s continued commitment to their human-centered design approach and development processes.

photos: Honda


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