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Introducing the 2024 Triumph Trident 660: Unleashing a Vibrant Fusion of Colors and Power


Triumph Motorcycles has once again upped the ante with the unveiling of an eye-catching new color option for its iconic 2024 Trident 660.

The 2024 model now boasts an exhilarating combination of Jet Black and Triumph Racing Yellow, adding a bold and sporty flair to this already agile and powerful machine.

This striking color scheme joins the lineup, which includes the sophisticated Silver Ice, the fiery Diablo Red, and the suave Matt Jet Black and Silver Ice options.

Completing the quartet is the classic Sapphire Black, showcasing Triumph’s commitment to providing riders with a range of visually captivating choices.

The fresh and vibrant aesthetic of the Jet Black and Triumph Racing Yellow scheme is bound to turn heads on the streets. The fuel tank, headlight bezel, and front mudguard shimmer in Jet Black, exuding an air of sleek sophistication.

Complementing this elegance is the inclusion of a daring Triumph Racing Yellow radiator cowl, rear bodywork, and mudguard graphic. This combination creates a visually stimulating contrast that highlights the Trident 660’s distinctive design elements.

2024 trident 660

Speaking of design, the 2024 Triumph Trident 660 embodies a minimalist approach with clean lines and a remarkably short tail. Its retro-inspired elements, such as the round headlight and digital panel, evoke a sense of nostalgia while seamlessly integrating modern technology.

With Full-LED lighting and a digital TFT panel providing comprehensive information, the Trident 660 strikes the perfect balance between timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge innovation. The sculpted fuel tank ensures a comfortable fit for riders, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Underneath its captivating exterior, the 2024 Trident 660 holds true to Triumph’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and value. Designed with the next generation of Triumph riders in mind, this model excels in three key areas: triple-cylinder power, class-leading technology, and unrivaled handling.

The 660 cm³ triple engine is engineered to offer maximum performance for daily use, with a seamless delivery of power and torque. Riders can unleash up to 81 HP of maximum power and experience 6.5 kgfm / 64Nm of torque, providing an exhilarating ride in any condition.

The 6-speed gearbox, equipped with an assist and slip clutch, ensures smooth and precise gear shifts. For those seeking an extra edge, the Triumph Shift Assist, enabling quick gear changes, is available as an optional accessory.

Triumph’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends to the handling of the Trident 660, guaranteeing reliability, agility, and inspiring performance.

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