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Fantic launches ISSIMO 45, stylish e-moped with aluminum frame and award-winning design


Fantic launched in Italy the ISSIMO 45, its stylish S-Pedelec e-moped, which comes with an aluminum frame and award-winning design, dedicated to the e-mobility market.

In addition to the ISSIMO 45, the company also supplies the ISSIMO Urban and ISSIMO FUN, both considered electric bicycles, as they have a limitation in power and maximum speed (25 km/h).

All models of the ISSIMO line bring the internationally awarded design as a differential. According to the company, the special pressed aluminum frame, with intertwined tubes, offers the right compromise between safety and style. It is strong but light, giving practicality and maneuverability.

The ISSIMO 45 is equipped with a Bafang M600 mid-drive motor with a declared power of 500W, which allows a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h. There are no gears, the transmission is continuous, made by the ENVILO Heavy Duty gearbox integrated into the rear wheel hub.

fantic issimo 454 e-moped

In addition, the 600Wh lithium battery allows a range of up to 50 km, or 100 km with a second battery, sold as an accessory. This autonomy can be even greater, as the model is equipped with pedals, just putting your legs to work.

Speaking of pedals, the Fantic ISSIMO 45 works in the following modes: as a bicycle (you need to pedal, no motor assistance), as an electric bike (you need to pedal, but there is assistance), and as a moped or scooter (just speed up).

The wide Fat 20×4 tires, spoked wheels, disc brakes on both axles, and motorcycle suspension at the front complete its ability to use in any situation.

Finally, as it is considered a moped, it has LED lighting on the front and rear, rear view mirror and backplate holder.

Anyway, the Fantic ISSIMO 45 is sold in Italy for from €3,590 (approximately US$ 3,682). There is no forecast for other countries.

fantic issimo 454 e-moped

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