BMW’s Single-Cylinder Models Set to Blaze a Trail with Cutting-Edge ShiftCam Technology


BMW‘s single-cylinder models could get a high-tech upgrade! The iconic G 310 R and G 310 GS can be equipped with the ShiftCam technology, featuring variable valve timing and lift, according to a new patent filling.

This cutting-edge advancement promises to take your riding experience to the next level, with improved power delivery and performance. It is currently in use on top models such as the R 1250 GS and S 1000 RR.

ShiftCam alters cam timing and valve lift by shifting the inlet camshaft, providing a conservative cam profile at low revs for increased torque. The low-rpm cam lobe also reduces overlap, improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

At high RPMs, the low-lift cam profile fails to deliver enough air-fuel mixture. ShiftCam switches to a more aggressive cam profile with greater lift and duration, allowing more air and fuel for increased power and torque. Advanced valve timing increases overlap without compromising efficiency or emissions.

bmw shiftcam

The ShiftCam system in the new patent is similar to that found in the R 1250 and S 1000 engines, but tailored for a more compact single-cylinder design. The solenoid actuator is located between the two intake valves, allowing for a conventional-length camshaft.

In addition, the spark plug is fitted at an angle, and an additional idler gear connects the intake and exhaust cams. The camshaft slides, rather than relying on a direct chain drive from the crankshaft.

So far, there is still no confirmation that the G 310 R and G 310 GS will receive this technology, but this possibility is very high since, together with the C 400 scooter, they are the company’s only single-cylinder models currently being produced.

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