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Another brand of motorcycles and scooters is born: Motron Motorcycles


The Austrian group KSR presented a new brand of motorcycles and scooters, Motron Motorcycles, which comes with 50cc, 125cc, 400cc and electric models.

The portfolio of the new Austrian brand includes not only classic motorcycles and scooters with a combustion engine, but also three electric scooters and an electric minibike, in addition to 50cc models.

All 50cc and electric models have a top speed of 45 km / h, with a range between 45 and 70 km.

motron x-nord 125

For all models, MOTRON promises a fair price-performance ratio. The introductory prices for electric vehicles are indicated between € 1,899 and € 2,999. The 50 cm³ and 125 cm³ combustion scooters are available for € 1,499 – € 2,299. For motorcycles, the price range goes from € 2,799 to € 2,999 in the 125cc class, and a price of € 4,999 is shown for the Warrior 400.

Just to give you an idea, the 2020 SYM NHT 125, is sold in the UK for £2499 (€ 2,874).

motron x-nord 125
Motron X-Nord 125

Talking about motorcycles, the main one that drew attention was the Motron X-Nord 125, a 125cc crossover made for urban use but that allows you to take a light dirt road. The suspensions are long-stroke length, but the wheels are 17 inches and are made with aluminum alloy.

The X-Nord 125 engine is a 125 cm³ single cylinder with liquid cooling, capable of generating up to 9.3 kW (12.3 HP) of maximum power and 0.97 kgfm / 9.6Nm of torque @ 5500rpm.

motron revolver 125
Motron Revolver 125

In addition to the X-Nord 125 crossover, there is a 125cc custom bobber called Revolver 125 and a 400cc naked scrambler called Warrior 400.

Sales of the new MOTRON models will initially focus on the European market, starting in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece. The distribution network will be expanded to other European countries during 2021.

motron warrior 400
Motron Warrior 400

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