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2021 SYM Maxsym 400 is renewed in Europe: Full-LED, Keyless, TC and more


SYM has updated the 2021 Maxsym 400 in Europe, its 400 cc maxi scooter, which comes with a completely new design, Full-LED lighting, keyless system, Traction Control, lighter chassis and USB port with QC 3.0 charger.

The new 2021 Maxsym 400 has a chassis 18.5% lighter than the previous generation and, with that, it was possible to make an update from the inside out.

The engine, for example, has improvements that reduce wear on parts, reduce heat generation and unnecessary friction energy consumption. Fuel consumption is also reduced with this change. Thus, the model is compatible with the Euro5 anti-pollution standard.

2021 sym maxsym 400 right

Still in the mechanical aspect, the model gained Traction Control, which prevents the tire from sliding on slippery surfaces, when accelerating. Another beneficial point is the rear suspension, which has 5 levels of adjustment.

In addition, it also gained a parking brake that is applied when the side stand is applied.

2021 sym maxsym 400 front right

New design

The 2021 SYM Maxsym 400 has a new modern design with sharp angles. The redesigned front optical array gained full LED lighting, including DRL daytime running lighting.

The windshield can be adjusted easily without the need for a tool. The rear-view mirrors are new and modern in shape.

The instrument panel is complete, with analog displays on the sides and LCD screen in the center. There is now an ignition button, the keyless system, which eliminates the need for a key to start: just keep the remote control in your pocket.

At the rear, the optical set also redesigned, giving it a very modern look.

2021 sym maxsym 400 back right

Main specifications

The 2021 SYM Maxsym 400 has a 399 cm³ single cylinder engine with liquid cooling, capable of generating up to 25kW (33.5 HP) of maximum power and 39.5Nm of torque.

It has 15″ wheels at the front and 14″ at the rear, equipped with tires measuring 120/70-15 at the front and 160/60-14 at the rear. There is a double brake disc at the front with 275 mm, and a single one at the rear, also 275 mm, both equipped with ABS.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 13 liters and the space under the seat is 45 liters.

Anyway, the 2021 Maxsym 400 will be sold in Europe for approximately 7,499 euros.


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