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Zontes may launch new ‘Sports Cafe’ motorcycle with 350cc engine


Zontes, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, may launch a new ‘Sports Cafe’ style motorcycle with a 350 cc engine.

The company presented a study, called ‘GK Sports Cafe’, a pre-production bike, which mixes ‘Café Racer’ and ‘Scrambler’ styles, with some modern twists.

The style and most of the pieces comes from a model that the brand already sells, the 125G1X, a 125cc modern scrambler, that you can get to know a little bit more below. Parts of the brand’s 310cc models are also used, such as the exhaust and the rear swingarm, for example.

Of course, it would have adaptations and improvements to accommodate a larger and more powerful engine. Rumors say it will be a 350cc single cylinder, with power around 44 HP. This engine would be new, since the company has a 310cc single cylinder with power around 35 HP.

Let’s go back to style: Zontes GK 350 Sports Cafe presents the same design as seen on the small 125G1X, bringing a mixture of Cafe Racer, with Scrambler and Retro elements, with round headlamp and rear view mirrors.

zontes gk 350 sports cafe

The modern spoked wheels (aluminum rims, steel spokes) has wide dual purpose tires (actually, an off-road, to be honest), measuring 110 / 80-19 at the front and 160 / 60-17 at the rear.

Anyway, a 350cc scrambler from Zontes appears to be “in the oven”, and could hit the market as early as 2021.

Get to know the Zontes 125G1X

The Zontes 125G1X has a retro design with a hint of coffee racer, with round headlamp and mirrors. At the rear, the flashlight is located under the seat, very common in Scramblers.

The Scrambler capabilities of the small 125G1X are evidenced by modern spoked wheels (aluminum rims, steel spokes) and large dual purpose tires.

zontes 125g1x scrambler

Despite being 125cc, it is equipped with a lot of technology. The rear swingarm is made of aluminum alloy, the front suspension is inverted type, and the model has a brake disc on both axles with two-channel ABS.

The engine of the Zontes 125G1X is a modern 125 cm³ single cylinder with liquid cooling, capable of generating up to 14.5 HP of maximum power and 1.3 kgfm / 13Nm of torque.

The bike has a 20-liter fuel tank and the company says (on its European website, in Italian), that the range is up to 1,000 km.

More about Zontes

Zontes manufactures motorcycles with modern design and full of technology. Its models are sold in Europe, Asia and in some Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, for example.

One of the main models is the Zontes R310, ‘naked’ with 312cc engine that competes with Yamaha MT-03, Kawasaki Z400, BMW G 310 R and KTM 390 Duke, among others.

zontes r310
Zontes R310



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