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Yamaha Launches Two New Electric Models, BOOSTER Easy eBike and BOOSTER S-Pedelec


Yamaha has expanded its Urban Mobility range by introducing two new electric models, the BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec electric.

Furthermore, these innovative and stylish models are developed to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for clean, quiet, and accessible urban transport.

Yamaha has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of zero-emission 2-wheel electric scooters, eBikes, and pedelecs for over 30 years. In fact, the company is also a key manufacturer of drive units that power many brands of eBikes produced by other manufacturers.

yamaha booster electric bicycle

The BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER S-pedelec electric have been designed in Europe to meet the current market demands. Interestingly, the BOOSTER Easy is an eBike with a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 25km/h, while the BOOSTER is an AM licence S-pedelec or electric moped that can power to a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 45km/h.

Moreover, the contemporary and minimalist design features an exposed diecast aluminium front frame as well as spoked wheels with fat 20” x 4” tyres, and a classic U-frame configuration that makes getting on and off so easy.

The BOOSTER models represent the next generation in urban mobility and are amongst the most accessible powered two-wheel models available today.

yamaha booster electric moped

Furthermore, the smooth-running PWseries S2 drive unit produces 75Nm of torque, which is one of the highest torque-to-weight ratios in its class, giving the BOOSTER smooth and natural acceleration.

Yamaha’s Zero Cadence technology provides instant assistance as soon as pedalling input is sensed, and the Automatic Support Mode provides additional power assistance when necessary.

photos: Yamaha

yamaha booster electric bicycle

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