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UBCO’s adventurous electric moped arrives with all-wheel drive


UBCO, considered the global leader in electric adventure vehicles (EAVs), has launched the new 2X2 Adventure electric moped, which arrives with all-wheel drive (AWD) to redefine the utility and recreational vehicle experience.

The 2X2 Adventure is the first vehicle that puts the riding experience at the center of its focus, being light, quiet and easy to ride, with all-wheel drive (AWD) to tackle the most difficult terrain.

According to the company, it has been carefully designed to provide a robust yet fun and easy-to-ride experience that is rare to find on the market.

The model arrives with the unique features of electric moped transport, scooter accessibility, motorcycle street prowess and ATV toughness.

ubco 2x2 adventure emoped

In addition, for your adventures, it comes with adjustable suspensions, spoked wheels (aluminum rims and steel spokes), dual purpose tires and hydraulic disc brakes on both axles.

The UBCO 2X2 Adventure is equipped with a 1kW motor on each wheel, which works together to cover any terrain. In addition, it has a lightweight design that allows for easy transport when attached to cars or pickups, with a total weight of just 116lb / 56 kg (without batteries) and 144lb / 66 kg (with 2.1kWh batteries).

According to them, it is super tough and built to last, with a 7027 aluminum alloy frame and 316 stainless steel components.

ubco 2x2 adventure emoped

At first contact, it is thought to be an electric bike due to its simplicity of construction. Despite this, its tough, all-terrain design is ready to roam city streets, muddy fields and gravel without a problem.

Finally, with its two 1kW motors on each wheel, the 2X2 Adventure can reach a maximum speed of up to 30 mph (50 km/h). With its standard 2.1kWh battery, the range is up to 43 mi (70 km) and, if you equip it with the 3.1kWh battery, the range goes up to 75 mi (120 km) on one charge.

The UBCO 2X2 Adventure is offered in the US starting at $6,999. There is no forecast for other countries.

Anyway, for more information, visit

ubco 2x2 adventure emoped

photos: UBCO


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