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Suzuki launches two new low-displacement scooters that does up to 52 km/L


Suzuki has launched two new low-displacement scooters in the UK, the 2023 Address 125 and 2023 Avenis 125, which are capable of achieving up to 52 km/L, and will be on sale there from October 2022.

The 2023 Suzuki Address 125 has a more rounded body, with LED headlight and soft seat that add a retro touch to the model, finished with chrome details.

The retro look extends to a large analogue speedometer, while modern convenience comes courtesy of a digital display, presenting additional information, which includes the ‘Suzuki Eco Drive Indicator’, to encourage economical riding. According to the company, the Address 125 is capable of achieving up to 52.6 km/L (148.6 mpg).

The new 124cc single-cylinder engine is not only efficient and economical, it also delivers strong torque in the low and mid-rpm ranges for quick acceleration. Maximum torque is 10 Nm at 5,500 rpm, with maximum power of 8.7 hp at 6,750 rpm.

suzuki address 125
Suzuki Address 125

In addition, it has under-seat space with two utility hooks, a front storage pocket, a USB socket, a flat, well-padded seat and a wide flat floor.

On the other hand, the 2023 Suzuki Avenis 125 is a slightly sportier scooter, with a sharp design and defined angles. It is slightly longer, wider and taller than Address.

In addition to the more aggressive look and two-tone graphics, it also has LED headlights and flashlights. A full LCD display keeps the rider informed.

The new scooter has good under-seat space and a storage pocket, as well as practical storage compartments in the front.

Finally, the engine is the same single-cylinder 124 cc, capable of generating up to 8.7 HP of maximum power. It also has technology that optimizes and balances fuel economy and performance, to do up to 52.6 km/L.

suzuki avenis 125
Suzuki Avenis 125

Anyway, both models will go on sale in October. Prices have not yet been announced.

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photos: Suzuki UK


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