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Ryvid launches electric motorcycle with variable seat height and other innovative solutions


Ryvid launched in the US the Anthem, an electric motorcycle with a futuristic design, which arrives full of technology and innovative solutions, capable of revolutionizing the two-wheel market.

The main highlight of this new electric motorcycle is its variable height system for the seat that, with the simple push of a button, can make it higher or lower, making it easier to use for people of different heights.

Called Ergo-Easy, the system allows for a height variation from 30 to 34 inches (762 mm to 864 mm), making the shorter rider confident and taller riders comfortable.

In addition, the company says that the final transmission can also be altered, becoming practically a variable ratio. It leaves the factory with a specific ratio for urban use, with more torque, and you can buy another one, for another style of riding, providing more final speed on the highways.

ryvid anthem electric motorcycle

Chassis, motor and technology

Another highlight of the Ryvid Anthem is its ultralight frame made of stainless steel, which weighs just 12 pounds (5.44 kg), something extraordinary for a motorcycle. With this, most of the weight is close to the ground, which leaves the center of gravity lower, making it easier to ride.

Ryvid Anthem is equipped with a mid-motor with 7.5 kW of rated power and 13.5 kW of peak power, which allows a maximum speed of up to 75 mph (120 km/h). The peak torque of the motor is 72 Nm, the total torque at the wheel is 338 Nm and the final drive is by belt.

In addition, the 72V and 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery allows a range of 75 miles (120 km) in ECO mode, or 50 miles (80 km) in Sport mode. It can be fully recharged in just 3 hours on a 220V outlet, or 6 hours on a 110V outlet.

ryvid anthem electric motorcycle

Finally, the model has a fully digital 4.9-inch color TFT panel, 17″ aluminum alloy wheels, disc brakes on both axles (310 mm in the front) and 120/70-17 tires at the front and 160/60-17 at the rear.

Anyway, Ryvid Anthem is sold in the US for US$ 7,800. The initial ‘Launch Edition’ version will have just 1,000 units produced and deliveries begin in summer 2023 (July).

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