Lightning uses Niobium in electric motorcycle to break 250 mph record


Lightning Motorcycles has introduced the Tachyon Nb, an electric motorcycle specially made to break the world land speed record, which is 250 mph (400 km/h).

For this, the North American company teamed up with CBMM, a Brazilian company that is world leader in Niobium technology, to use the element in the composition of the motorcycle, and achieve a lighter and more efficient vehicle.

The name of the motorcycle ‘Tachyon Nb’ is derived from a hypothesis developed by scientists in the 1960s, of a particle (Tachyon) with the potential to exceed the speed of light and reach the moon in less than 1 second. The term ‘Nb’ is for Niobium, a component that allows a true revolution in mobility and is already used in the manufacture of high-strength steels.

According to the company, the project aims to innovate and push the limits of high-performance materials, breaking the current 400km/h mark on a commercial electric superbike.

“This partnership serves as a platform to test and validate new Niobium technologies, which we believe can play a significant role in the mobility segment. In this project, we are implementing Niobium brake discs to improve high temperature performance, in addition to the of metal in various components such as the integrated charging module that allows the entire system to be more reliable and efficient. The steel tubes – especially in the chassis – also have Niobium application, which allows us to meet the demanding requirements of strength and weight”, says Daniel Wright, engineer at CBMM and responsible for the development of the project.

“We are thrilled to announce the Tachyon Nb, our new electric motorcycle designed to break the current land speed record in Bonneville, California. Innovation is in Lightning’s DNA. This partnership allows both companies to bring electric vehicles to a new level. Our mission is to continue to push the limits of what’s possible and drive the adoption of electric motorcycles globally,” said Richard Hatfield, CEO and founder of Lightning Motorcycles.

lightning tachyon nb electric motorcycle


According to CBMM, niobium enables a true revolution in mobility. In the steel industry, for example, the application is already a reality in the manufacture of high-strength steels. It allows the development of more resistant components, playing a crucial role in increasing vehicle safety.

In addition, this metal can enable improvements in the braking system, such as reduced wear, greater durability and better efficiency; to its use in the cathodes and anodes of vehicle batteries to obtain unique characteristics, such as ultra-fast charging and greater energy density, compared to technologies used in traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Anyway, for more information about Lightning Motorcycles, visit https://lightningmotorcycle.com/. For more information about CBMM, visit https://cbmm.com/.

photos: Lightning


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